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We delight our clients by designing and executing unforgettable experiences that capture their audience's attention. When most people think of business events, planning and logistics come to mind, but in reality, it’s much more than that. The difference between spectacular and average events is all down to matching the client’s objectives with a meaningful event program. 

We are results driven and measurable meaning you can see exactly how much ROI you get back from your event. We are fascinated by what makes an event tick and we are constantly researching on the same. This helps us to design successful programs tailored for each client. Every event is a one of a kind experience and you can be certain that a tailor-made program personalized to your needs will be designed just for you.


Motivated employees are the foundation of all successful companies. Demotivated and unappreciated employees are likely to underperform and with time leave the company. Not only does this have a huge affect on your bottom line but it also has a domino effect prompting other employees to leave soon after.

A well thought out strategy is required to educate your customers, employees and partners about your products/services. Without a knowledge sharing program it is extremely competitive to stand out as an expert and leader within your sector. If you fail to share brand insights in a manner that resonates then your competitors win.

In today’s global landscape the employee truly is king. Companies need to move away from traditional hiring methods and be innovative in order to stand out and attract the best talent. If your hiring strategy is weak then this results in you losing the best talent to your competitors.

You have a wonderful product/service ready for your target audience yet you have no defined launch strategy. Without telling people about your product or service they won’t get to know- leading to poor brand exposure, weak customer engagement and ultimately little or no sales.

If building a positive work culture based on celebrating successes and saying thank you’s is not a top priority for your company this can cost you dearly. If you are not promoting a positive culture based on your brand identity then most likely your staff will underperform and leave as soon as they find a better employment option.

The future of work is changing rapidly. Universities need to go deeper to help students meet preferred employers, and educate them on how the work landscape is changing. Without bridging the gap between education and the future of work, Universities fail to increase the employment rate of students.


​Our international experience means that we are well versed in event cultures, themes and innovations from around the world. We are equipped to organize your event no matter where you are located. After designing and managing events across cities including London, Birmingham, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw and Bangalore, we created our brand Innovatly.
Taking your event global requires a thoughtful and rigorous approach. We can help to make your event unique, effective and culturally relevant. On top of this we take care of the concept, design and execution including successful negotiating in different cultures and making sure you have the best local partners to support your event.

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