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You have spent an enormous amount of time fine tuning all the details of your new product/service. If you don’t activate the brand in a manner that reflects all your hard work and passion then your launch will just fizzle out instead of creating the buzz and excitement it deserved. The good thing is that it’s an easy fix - that's where brand activation comes in. The objective of a brand activation strategy is to create essential noise around new products/services to help you win the market. 


Ensuring your customers, prospects, dealers, channel partners and employees are informed, engaged and empowered regarding your new product/service launch is critical. Furthermore, in today's global competitive marketplace it’s critical to tell your brand story to stand out from the competition and form emotional connections.


The power of human interactions, product/service demonstrations and testimonials are second to none when launching. Delivering a launch experience that delivers excitement, energy and engagement to your audience whilst also inspiring and educating them can lead to more sales, exposure and opportunities.


  98% of users feel more inclined to purchase after attending an activation (EventTrack)

  65% of attendees said live events helped them have a better understanding of a product or service (EMI & Mosaic, 2016)

  73% of B2B marketers say events are better than other tactics for customer engagement (Marketing Charts)

  65% of brands say that their event and experiential programs are directly related to sales (Event Marketing Institute)


Launch events

New product or service development can take months or even years and a huge financial investment. When it’s time to share the hard work with your market, your launch event must be flawless. A strong product launch event generates excitement and enthusiasm for your work. When done well, it leads to early adopters, surge in pre-orders, media coverage and a bump in your stock price.


Women in Prague expats event for Prague based expat community to facilitate networking and relations


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