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Your brand is a magnet. What kind of people does it attract? Spectacular brands attract top talent by knowing exactly what they have to offer and staying true to that each day. So what does your brand stand for and what makes it unique? Ask those questions. Then use the answers as the foundation for your employee value proposition. A better magnet is not about attracting more people it's about attracting the right people, whose passions, skill sets and values align with your company. 

With competition fierce and markets changing everyday, companies are finding it more and more difficult to stand out amongst the competition and attract the best talent in the most effective and efficient way. Not only this, but they need to make sure that they are inclusive in their efforts, that the candidate fits the culture and values whilst also having the required skill set- all without breaking their recruitment budget. 

Companies are increasingly moving away from outdated recruitment strategies that are expensive and time-wasting and moving towards more innovative and effective hiring methods. The key is to take your employee value proposition straight to the market i.e. your candidates before the competition beats you to it. 


  Total talent acquisition is a top priority among 90% of C-level execs (Cielo)

  Top candidates stay available for 10 days only before getting hired (talentnow)

  Employee replacement costs can reach  50% to 60% of an employees annual salary (Society for Human Resource Management)

  Eighty-five percent of jobs are filled through networking (Virgin)


Hiring events

We describe hiring events as those events that focus on attracting the right employees to your organisation. Employees have more choices than ever before and therefore companies need to make a strategic effort to stand out from the competition and attract the best talent. More and more companies are now moving away from traditional methods and adopting creative recruitment strategies to develop their employer brand. As a result, in person events in the hiring space are more important than ever before. 

Whether you are looking to double the size of your team, attract superstar employees, or increase diversity amongst your employees, Innovatly will help design and execute your hiring event from concept to debrief.


Diversity and inclusion hiring strategy for the European Investment Bank to attract women technology leaders from Eastern Europe


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