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Engaging and retaining your employees is more crucial than ever. This isn’t surprising. Employees want to feel celebrated for their contributions and accomplishments. Employee engagement creates successful organisations. Employee engagement is the emotional and functional commitment employees have to their organisation and their alignment with the overall goals of the company. Any discretionary effort they are willing to expend is a byproduct of their engagement. Employees want to feel that their work has a purpose and that they are valued and respected within their organisation. 


You’ll hear people talk about the high cost of turnover, but the actual costs are largely hidden. They won’t be visible on your P&L. Things like lowered productivity, overworking the remaining staff and potential loss of business. Not to mention the cost of recruiting, interviewing and training new staff. 


Getting your recognition and reward strategy right can help you keep your best talent thriving, meaning you’ll see better results. You’ll also find it easier to attract and keep the right people at the right costs for your business.


  15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs (Gallup)

  75% of executives believe that compensation alone will not be enough to recruit and retain talent (Covestro)

  More than 80% of workers are either actively looking for a new job or are open to one (Ajilon)

  Incentive programs increase performance by an average of 22% (IRF)


Incentive events

Incentive events provide an opportunity to bring your employees together to align, motivate, unify or celebrate. Whether it is a weekend getaway, a sunny destination, African safari, a cruise or anything else that matches your team’s interests, Innovatly manages conception and execution of the program from end to end so that you don’t have to stress. We design and execute incentive events  that motivates employees and rewards behaviours you need from your team to drive the company forward. Each travel incentive program is carefully designed to maximise the impact of your unique budget.

Sales incentive trip for a thriving London based technology start-up to the beautiful city of Amsterdam resulting in increased employee engagement and profitability


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