Sales incentive trip for a thriving London based technology startup to the beautiful city of Amsterdam resulting in increased employee engagement and profitability 

THE BRIEF: After a series of rapid internal changes in strategy, sales employees at a thriving London based start up were feeling uncertain with decreasing morale and sales at an all time low. Our client wanted to reassure, unify and increase engagement for their employees with a meaningful incentive program. The budget allowed for an incentive weekend away anywhere in Europe and the program had to be exciting enough for all staff to participate voluntarily.

THE CHALLENGE: We observed that our clients technology startup is very multicultural with employees all having different interests so it would be tricky to find a location that would appeal to all. Moreover, half the staff were located remotely and had never met their other colleagues before and this trip would be the first time the team would be together. Therefore it was important to include the remote workers in the program and facilitate bonding and relations between all departments despite employees having never met face to face before.

THE SOLUTION: After researching the various location options to suit our clients unique budget and interests we decided that due to the severity of the changes in strategies that had left the team morale low and attention unfocused we needed a fun, vibrant and charismatic city to create excitement and engagement again. We decided on a cruise in Amsterdam as it matched all our requirements perfectly and we could time the event on King’s day which is a national festival in Amsterdam. We designed a weekend incentive program from creation to delivery focusing on those once in a lifetime opportunities that employees would not be able to experience on their own.

THE RESULTS: Our client was thrilled with the event with sales team engagement at an all time high. Included in the program was time for management to address the changes and focus on the future of the company resulting in employees feeling connected with the brand and their purpose. The incentive program resulted in increased retention rates and staff feeling reassured and motivated. There was also an increase in teamwork and collaboration between remote and office workers which had a positive impact on the bottom line.


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