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Thought leadership marketing has emerged as one of the most powerful ways for brands to establish their authority and grow. Many marketers use this strategy to boost brand awareness and increase their market share. But what exactly is thought leadership?

It’s all about finding ways to connect with your audience and deliver the information they want. The concept of thought leadership essentially means that people don’t just look to you for product or service advice, they also look for information and ideas. Thought leadership objectives are unique to each company but they usually involve educating a targeted group, sharing innovation, promoting progress and fostering cooperation.

If you can establish yourself as a thought leader then customers and potential clients will inherently trust you more. By communicating in this manner you also become part of the conversation early on in the buying journey. This has the benefit of moving users down the funnel by chipping away at doubts and solidifying your brand in the user’s mind. In summary, thought leadership done right leads to increased sales, influence and opportunity.


  Thought leadership has a greater impact of ideas on potential buyers than all other forms of content marketing (Forrester)

  82% of executives reported that thought leadership has increased their trust in an organization (Edelman-LinkedIn)

  More than 60% of C-suite executives said they were more willing to pay a premium to companies that create thought leadership with a clear vision (Edelman-LinkedIn)

  In-person events are the most effective form of content marketing for B2B marketers. (Content Marketing Institute, 2016)


Conferences & Seminars

Companies organise conferences and seminars when they have a clear objective or goal that they are aiming to achieve. Most commonly these types of events are educational in nature both in terms of educating your target audience about your product/service as well learning from the same audience in terms of how to improve your offering. Conferences/seminars are a great way to communicate your message in an engaging and impactful manner.

If you have the goal of educating, inspiring, and encouraging networking among customers and prospects, conferences can help build brand awareness around new projects, the latest updates and share customer success stories.


Berlin Intrapreneur Event organised for Etventure (acquired by Ernst & Young) to establish thought leadership within the intraprenurial community in Berlin


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